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"I'm riding solo..."

March, 2016.

Duration 5 days 

Price £700 (Hotel Half-Board & Flights)

Why here?

After going through some tough times in my personal life, I desperately needed a break. .My birthday was also coming up too so I thought why not. I only had a week to spare so I needed somewhere that wasn't too far away. I also wanted it to be hot and have a lot of things to do to keep me occupied. Dubai ticked all the boxes!

I wanted to experience travelling alone to see what it'd do for me. Tbh, It definitely changed me. Without getting all soppy, every time I think about this trip I do get a bit emotional. I think it was the beginning of my "finding yourself" journey.

Things you did? Wish you did?  

Well, where do I start?

  • I visited the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and took in some amazing views. Things like this really make you realise how small you are in the world lol. I ate.
  • I also took part in a desert tour where I rode camels, smoked shisha, watched a belly dancing show and ate.
  • Boarded a boat to the market, saw all the gold, jewellery, herbs/spices and so much more! I ate.
  • I wanted to know more about Dubai so went to their museum, which totally blew my mind. Dubai has developed so much!
  • I also visited the Emirates & Dubai malls and did a lil(lol) bit of shopping. And ate.

I wish I went clubbing and visited some bars, but at the time I was too young to go clubbing, so missed out on that. It was my birthday the day after I left, imagine! Deffo should've gone to more restaurants and ate lol.


Travelling alone?


Travel essentials?

Decent clothes. They can be a bit funny when it comes to clothing. Dirhams. 

Advice for next time?

Book excursions in advance otherwise you'll be paying more.  


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The Bamb x