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"Yah mon!"

Why here?

My friend just came back from her trip to here ranting and raving about how good it was and already wanted to go back. She gassed it up for me. "It's proper sick! You're going to love it! There's so many things to do!". Bih! I'm sold, let's do it then. She also gathered a few others to come along  I was also excited that there'd be a few of going. SQUAD!

Things you did? Wish you did?  

We visited a couple falls during our stay including the famous 'Dunn's River Falls', where you climb up the falls through the crashing waves. Fun fact! Dunn's River is where the battle of 'La Chorreras' took place, the battle over the land between the English and the Spanish Army from Cuba. The English won. Lil history lesson for ya!

After a long drive to Negril, we stopped at an adventure park and lost ourselves for a few hours. The park hard great music, food and even water rides big enough for our old asses. 

Taking a break from our frequent clubbing, we VIP'ed our way into SUMFEST festival. A massive concert with all the big Jamaican artists. Popcorn, Spice, Aidonia, Dexta Daps are only a few of the many that rocked the stage for us that night. Can I just say that Spice is my spirit animal?! Her energy and stage presence gives me life! But y'all, the concert started at 11pm and didn't finish until around six in the morning. Why didn't anyone tell me?! I would've napped beforehand lol. Still fun though.

I wish we went home on time. Imagine getting onto the plane, waiting hours only to be told you're not going anywhere due to a mechanical fault with the plane. In the end, we stayed for an extra two days because of it. I was so homesick.



Travel essentials?

- Travel insurance lol.

-American/Jamaican dollars. However, I do think they prefer American dollars.

- Water shoes for grip when climbing the falls.

Advice for next time?

When buying travel insurance, double check what it covers. These insurance companies really be trying people when it comes to claiming. Run me my money bih! And keep that letter from the airline for reference. It's important.

Best part(s)?

When the squad and I along with other friends chilled at the beach, jet skiing and playing games. It was so cute lol.

My tan!



The Bamb x



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