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La Plagne.

La Plagne.


March, 2017.

Duration 7 days

Price £900 (flights, chalet & equipment)



Why here?

Skiing! I'm trying to go skiing every year because I do love it and I'm also trying to improve my skills. By the time I have kids I want to be so sick I can teach them how to ski and continue the tradition of going every year with them. 

France was a great location for skiing as its not too far from home and the weather at the time meant good snow! The package was also reasonably good, having the flights, catered chalet and equipment included.

What did you do? Wish you did? 

Skied. Skied. And skied some more.

Literally got out at 9am to ski and wasn't back till 5pm. I was skied the f*ck out by the time I was going home.

I do wish I tried out snowboarding, it just looks so much cooler!

Travel Essentials?

- 2x ski outfits (more if you want, but they do make the suitcase heavy!)

-Thermals, quite a few too. It may be cold out there but all that skiing does make you sweaty. 

-SPF! You're high up on the mountains so closer to sun, so please remember to slather it on.

-Guts. When you look at some of those runs, they'll have you peeing your pants!



Best part?

We took a detour and boarded a giant ski lift to another mountain to try out new snow and runs. I loved skiing on the different runs because skiing on the same routes again and again, everyday can get a bit tedious. Playing games and drinking in the chalet with our chalet roomies after dinner was also jokes.

Worst part?

Falling on my bum like 100 times! And when I would fall, my ski would clip off and carry on falling down the mountain, then I'd have to walk 100 miles to get it. Long! 

The pain from walking in those chunky ski boots. Ouch!


Want to give skiing a go? Book your next trip here.

The Bamb x