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Vegas | San Fran | LA - Part 3

Vegas | San Fran | LA - Part 3

"Is this a world tour or ya girl's tour?"

October, 2017.

Duration 3 days

Price £900


Why here?

My girl and I both had the same holiday dates so thought it would be a good idea to take a trip somewhere. Originally, we wanted to go to Mexico but the prices just weren't worth it. So we found this deal online that included 3 destinations in the US, hotels and flights. For a really good price! I also liked the idea of flying to numerous destinations and not just staying in one place, you know being the jet-setter I am *flicks hair*!

Things you did? Wish you did?  

After landing, the first thing we did was get a hire car because it worked out to be cheaper than getting uber everywhere and trust me we'd be having to get uber everywhere. Listen, when I got in the car I shaking in my boots. Driving on the opposite side? Steering wheel in the wrong place? You got me fuuuucked up. But I did it. I drove us to the hotel in one piece! Go me!

For dinner we took a drive downtown to Catch LA as we managed to grab the last slot for the night. It was nice to see all the famous spots on the way. 

"If there's a theme park, then I'm involved!" Deciding between Disney and Knotts Berry Farm would've been hard if Disney wasn't so expensive lol. They were literally next door to each other! But nonetheless, Knotts Berry Farm was so much with fun rides for all ages.

Just before we left for the long drive to the airport, we popped down to Huntington Beach, for a little splash and photoshoot lol. I always love going to the beach on holiday because it's where I really get to reflect on life. #GRATEFUL.



I wish we had more time!!! Oh, the things we could have done with more time; Runyon Canyon, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Museum of Ice Cream (tbh tickets were sold out for a year lol), went to more restaurants and done some shopping. Oh well, next time...


Travel essentials? 

-Driving licence (if you want to hire a car) 

Best part?

Driving around, it really made me feel at home and I loved the freedom. And obvs the theme park!



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The Bamb x

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Vegas | San Fran | LA - Part 2