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Vegas | San Fran | LA - Part 2

Vegas | San Fran | LA - Part 2

"Is this a world tour or ya girl's tour?"

October, 2016.

Duration 2 days

Price £900

San Fransisco.

Why here?

My girl and I both had the same holiday dates so thought it would be a good idea to take a trip somewhere. Originally, we wanted to go to Mexico but the prices just weren't worth it. So we found this deal online that included 3 destinations in the US; Vegas, San Fran & LA. It also included hotels and flights. For a really good price! I also liked the idea of flying to numerous destinations and not just staying in one place, you know being the jet-setter I am *flicks hair*! 

Things you did? Wish you did?  

Feeling all 'That's So Raven'-esque, we took the trams to Pier 39, one of the piers on the coast of San Fran. Not quite like Croydon trams, but you know, close. At Pier 39 we went to 'The San Fran dungeon', where they retell the history of San Fran but in "scary" way. We were meant to have a boat ride at the Pier, but sadly it was closed so instead just took a look around in the shops.





If I'm being totally honest honest with you, this was my least favourite part of the whole trip. I didn't feel safe walking around on the streets, everything closed early and the whole place just felt weird.

Travel essentials?

-Change for the trams/buses.

-Cardigan/Small jacket, at night time the temperature drops a little.

Best part?

The ride at the end of the dungeon tour, riding the trams & leaving for LA.

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The Bamb x 

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