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Vegas | San Fran | LA - Part 1

Vegas | San Fran | LA - Part 1

"Is this a world tour or ya girl's tour?"

October, 2017.

Las Vegas.

Duration 10 days 

Price £900 (flights & hotels)

Why here?

My girl and I both had the same holiday dates so thought it would be a good idea to take a trip somewhere. Originally, we wanted to go to Mexico but the prices just weren't worth it. So we found this deal online that included 3 destinations in the US, hotels and flights. For a really good price! I also liked the idea of flying to numerous destinations and not just staying in one place, you know being the jet-setter I am *flicks hair*! 

Things you did? Wish you did?  

Taking transport in a different country is always a fun eye-opener. Seeing how they operate their services differently to back home. It was only a few dollars for a ticket that lasted about 4hrs.  So we took the Deuce (the buses on the strip), downtown and did a bit of galavanting & exploring. Ya girl may have done a bit of shopping too, shh! The Deuce also to us down to Fremont Ave. a long, lively road with many casinos, restaurants and shops. This is where we 

 One evening, we took part in a bar crawl, but just not just any bar crawl, a giant bike peddling bar "crawl"! After a few drinks  in our system, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the clurrrb. 1 Oak nightclub is one the many famous nightclubs in Vegas. It was a lit club but not as lit as a London club would be. Us UK girls just really know how to turn TF up!





Travel essentials? 

-Comfortable walking shoes


Best part?

Probably the zip lining, shopping and the beautiful weather.


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Vegas | San Fran | LA - Part 2

Vegas | San Fran | LA - Part 2