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Pleat-y Please!

Pleat-y Please!

“Widen your wardrobe horizons with these palazzo pants...”





Giving you 9-5 office swag on a Saturday! Widen your wardrobe horizons with these ASOS wide leg pleated pants.

Too impatient to wait for spring to bring these out, I wore them to a brunch date with a girlfriend. When creating an outfit with a piece like this, it's all about balance. Wide on the bottom but tight on the top. Know what I mean? So I put them together with a simple, pink high neck jumper also from ASOS (duh).   

I waited for so long for these trousers to come back in stock. Bagging them at a size 12 (only size that came back lol) knowing they weren't my size didn't bother me, that's how much I needed them. With a bit of tailoring by Lace & Needles LDN, they were the perfect fit.




Very. However, it is a bit of a struggle walking up stairs in heels. The heels kept getting stuck in the trousers! 

True to size?

Well, I didn't buy my size, I imagine they are.


Wanna switch it up? Why not try adding these?


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Print-cess of China.

Print-cess of China.

Feeling Funky.

Feeling Funky.