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Spot On.

Spot On.

"F*ck I look like getting back to a Haz been..."


Congrats are in order for my girl Juliet as she graduated from UAL yesterday in Menswear Fashion! She is also the mastermind behind 'Kickin' It With Jules' and 'Lace and Needles LDN'.

I wanted to feel super cute to match the cute vibes of Haz Café so decided it was time to bring out this Polka-Dot Sheer Smock Dress from ASOS.

L-R: ASOS Polka Dot Sheer Smock Dress (£33.50), ASOS Pouch Clutch Bag (£10.50), Missguided Barely There Heels (£22)

I'm really loving the butterfly/bell sleeves on this dress, great for showing off the arms (one of my fave features) and feeling free and unrestricted! I needed all the arm movement I could get to bring all the food to my face! Alongside feeling cute, I also felt kinda "old skool" in this number, hourglass dress + polka-dots = very 50s hun.

P.S. Shoutout to ASOS for including the black insert, not many dresses come with it. It makes life so much easier because I don't have to search for one, and if I wanted to, I could easily remove it out and use it again! 



Light and airy thanks to the mesh material and not itchy on the skin.

Adjustable straps on the slip insert which also helps. 

True to size?

With a comfy fit :)


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"'Dam, Girl!"

"'Dam, Girl!"

White Girl Wasted.

White Girl Wasted.