Welcome to #WWBW. I am The Bamb. I love to dress up, eat and workout! Enjoy!

Durrrty Sprite.

Durrrty Sprite.

"Dirty soda, Spike Lee, white girl, Ice-T..."


Purps and pinks were my vibe for the Raindrop Festival at Dalston Roof Park.

This was such a last minute outfit as what I wanted to wear originally didn't work out. But your girl made it work as always! 

I'm wearing my Primark mom jeans, a white PrettyLittleThing deep plunge bodysuit, belt chain, pink satin sandals also from Primark. All tied together with the star of the show, the 'Rokoko Organza Maxi Kimono' from ASOS. 

L-R: Rokoko Organza Maxi Kimono (£40), PLT Gold Drop Chain (£10), PLT White Plunge Neck Body (£8)


Accessories wise, I really tried this time lol. Sunnies from HotFutures, my 'B' chain from my girl (originally from eBay) and the pink ball earrings from Primark. I think this is the most "jewellery" I've worn in a casual outfit, go me!



The bodysuit was low-key annoying as it kept slipping down. I had to wear a bra to stop the girls from being exposed.

The belt was a cockblock when trying to use the loo, having to take the whole thing off each time was so tedious! But, fashion!

True to size?

As much as I love the jeans, they're slyly annoying as the thighs fit perfectly but the waist is big! Who else has this problem?!

White Girl Wasted.

White Girl Wasted.

Let's Talk: The Royal Wedding!

Let's Talk: The Royal Wedding!