Welcome to #WWBW. I am The Bamb. I love to dress up, eat and workout! Enjoy!

3 Minute Interview with: The Bamb.

3 Minute Interview with: The Bamb.

Describe your style?  

I would say my style is "low-key quirky" with added chic. Chic outfits and pieces with an edge to really make them relate to me, to express me.


How do you decide what to wear everyday?

Firstly, i'll see what i have scheduled. A party? Dinner? Just seeing friends or chilling? If there's a dress code, I'll try and stick to it. If not, I'll most likely be wearing heels and I don't really mind if I'm overdressed lol.

However, some days it's nothing special super casual with minimal effort. See, it really depends on how i'm feeling on that day. If i feel good, i put it more effort and if not i'll just throw on some joggers. I still look good though! *shrugs*


Who/what are your fashion inspirations?

Rihanna. I just love how she wears whatever she wants however she wants. The outfits she (or her stylist) puts together are always different and out there. Even though sometimes some things can be hit and miss, you can't deny that she still rocks it well. There's also a certain confidence that she has too. You can't tell her anything. If I had Rihanna money, my wardrobe would deffo be similar.

“It’s ugly until Rihanna decides it’s not”

Other people. I get to do of people watching at my job so it's exciting to see what people have picked to wear to work or go out etc. In my mind I'm a stylist "oh no babe, you should've worn that with jeans instead" lol. 

Instagram. I follow quite a few fashion profiles and other girls who have really good style. Seeing the trending pieces and how people have styled it differently and what celeb wore what where is interesting to see, it also keeps me up-to-date with designers and new season stuff. With Instagram a lot of things are repetitive and many people wear the same thing, so It can become tedious quickly. But that's when you ask yourself, "how would I wear this differently?"


Fave outfit(s)? 

Well this is hard as I have so many lol! Just kidding. I mean I like every outfit I put together otherwise I wouldn't wear it. But, since I have to choose it'd be the tassel top & skirt I wore to dinner in LA, the cream jumpsuit I wore to Catch LA, the kimono & green trousers I wore to Flat Iron and the "Omelette Du Fromage" 'fit.


Fave item in your wardrobe at the moment? 

Easy. My Reebok classics. 



The Bamb x 




Autumn Feels.

Autumn Feels.

"Cheap" Frills!

"Cheap" Frills!