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"Cheap" Frills!

"Cheap" Frills!




"Shake ya tail feather!"


Perfect for a circus themed restaurant, these wide leg ruffle trousers from ASOS are fun yet sexy. Walk into the room shaking these ruffles and watch how heads turn!

Are they here to watch the Circus show or you?! 

A pair of trousers like these can be dressed up OTT or paired with simple accessories if you don't feel like being that extra. 




Yup, you don't even notice that half your bum is out!


True to size?

Tricky one this one. I purchased my actual size but pulling them up was a struggle around my thighs. Yet, when around my waist they were loose... So a size down would be too small and a size up too big! My advice would be to get your normal size and wiggle into them! Lol!


Wanna switch it up? Why not try adding these?


See what restaurant I wore this outfit to here

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3 Minute Interview with: The Bamb.

3 Minute Interview with: The Bamb.

Bowl 'n' Bool.

Bowl 'n' Bool.