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Feeling Funky.

Feeling Funky.


"When you think of this outfit, think Wednesday Addams gone hippy lol"

What do you do when you don't understand a dress code for somewhere fancy? Make it up. That's what I did. I mean, what the hell does "Art Smart" even mean? Not sure. However, I decided to have my own take on it. I think that's what's great about Art, it can be what you want it to be.



I came across this floral dress on ASOS and thought, "bright, colourful flowers! Yup that's art!". Lol, but it needed just a little bit more. So I added a removable collar, you know, for the "smart" part, white ankle boots from Public Desire and...Voila! 

Looking like I just ran through a field of fusia pink and orchid purple roses, I'm giving off summertime vibes in the shift dress. Just what's needed in this cold weather. 




Loosely fit with lightweight material makes this dress very comfortable. However, saying that it is easily swayed by the wind, so holding it down will save you from embarrassment lol!

True to size?

Yes, this dress is true to size.


Wanna switch it up? Why not try adding these?


See where I wore this outfit to here.

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Pleat-y Please!

Pleat-y Please!

Boujie Bell Sleeves.

Boujie Bell Sleeves.