Welcome to #WWBW. I am The Bamb. I love to dress up, eat and workout! Enjoy!

Underground Series.

Underground Series.

“It’s not everyday take Uber to the motive”

Out for casual drinks with the girls! I wore a pair of ripped H&M jeans, H&M black blazer, Zara vest top, pink Louboutins and a yellow clutch from ASOS. You can never go wrong with jeans and a blazer!


Everything apart from the heels. Breaking in new shoes is never easy!

True to size?

Blazer & jeans, yes. I always get a size down with the vest top because I like the fit. I'd also recommend getting a half size up in the Louboutins. 

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The Bamb x

Suited & Booted.

Suited & Booted.