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Flat Iron.

Flat Iron.

“Medium rare please...”

Convent Garden, London.

Steakhouse | European | British



After numerous positive reviews about Flat Iron, it was boosted to the top of my restaurant bucket list. But the last time I attempted to go, they told me to wait for over an hour! Hungry and impatient, I reluctantly looked for somewhere else. But this time I was determined to eat there, so when the guy at the door said 1hr-1 1/2hr wait, I too a deep breath and looked for the nearest bar.



What did you order?

The menu is pretty simple, there's only one column for food, so to be honest there isn't too much to choose from. You either have the 'pick of the day' or the Flat Iron Steak with selected sides.  I went for the Flat Iron Steak (£10), with roast aubergine (£3.50) and the market greens (£2.50) to accompany. As of recent, I have been getting my steaks cooked medium rare as I just makes the steak more succulent and tasteful. Furthermore, my jaw doesn't hurt from all the chewing I used to get with well done steak.Anyways, whoever cooked this steak deserves a hand shake. The melt-in-your-mouth steak was browned beautifully and dusted with the perfect amount of seasoning. 

This may not sound like much, but let me tell you, everything is perfectly proportioned and will deffo hit the spot! Did I mention they give you free popcorn when you're seated? Oh, and don't bother ordering desert, there's free ice cream when you leave! All this for £16? Great value for money...

The Service? 

Pretty good. Everyone there was friendly, attentive and willing to help. The waitress explained everything clearly and didn't make me feel pressured to order. She also didn't judge me when I asked for extra popcorn lol. The food came out surprisingly quick I had to double check it was mine!

What will you order next time? 

The pick of the day and the roast aubergine.

Food for thought...

Bare in mind that this is a very popular restaurant and they don't take reservations. So try to get there early, or come well before the time you want to be seated and have drinks next door, whilst you wait. 


Food 9/10

Service 9/10

Ambience 9/10



The Bamb x