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“The circus is in town...”

Convent Garden, London.




If you can't get to the circus, let it come to you

Circus is a glamorous Pan-Asian restaurant/bar in the heart of Convent GardenCircus not only serves food and drinks, it also serves you entertainment while-you-wait! Great location for birthdays and other special occasions.

Are you the type of person who cannot eat until you have something to watch? Me too. Which is why I loved the idea of having performances throughout your dinner.



With the menu overseen by Executive Chef Andrew Lassetter; a professional chef who has Michelin star restaurant experience and has even cooked for celebrities as well as the Royal family, you know the food has to be top notch.


What did you order?

I was going back and forth trying to decide if I needed three courses and was yelling at myself to pick either a starter or dessert lol. In the end I went for all three, a bitch was hungry okay! I went for the Chilli Salt Squid (£9), Black Angus Fillet with Asparagus (£25) and the Dunking Doughnuts w/ Green Tea Ice Cream (£8) and  a Tea Blossom Mocktail (£6).

 You can't really get squid wrong tbh but as a lover of spicy food, I do love that they added sliced chillies to it, it really gave it that extra kick alongside the sweet dipping sauce. You guys must know by now that I love me some medium rare meat, and that Angus fillet was amazing. But let me not lie, I was chewing for longer than usual.



The Service? 

Terrible. Listen, if I ever come back I'm bringing a loud hailer with me. I got painfully ignored on many occasions trying to get someone to help me. Getting the attention of wait staff was so hard and that's if I could even pick them out from the crowd! They don't have distinctive uniforms, so they blend in with everyone else, I almost hailed down other diners by accident! 

They also didn't tell us the card machine was out of order until after we finished our meals, so we had to trek to the nearest ATM to withdraw money. Kmt.

What will you order next time? 

The Rare Beef Salad seems like a light, refreshing salad that also has meat (yum), with that I'd want to try the Korean BBQ Chicken or the Teriyaki Salmon, just for extra meat. 

The Potion #C & Tempus Moon cocktails look exciting too.

Food for thought...

If you want a good view of the performances, it's best to see if you can grab yourself a table near the front.

Don't forget the loudhailer.

Also, you may want to give yourself a few minutes extra to find the entrance door, it's hard to spot!


Food  7/10

Service  4/10

Ambience  7/10


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Sprinkles of Joy!

Sprinkles of Joy!