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“Nobu Nobu Nobu Nobu...”

London, Mayfair.

Japanese | Peruvian | Seafood


Ah, the famous Nobu. 

Nobu was created by Celebrity Chef Nobuyaki "Nobu" Matsuhisa. In his early days, Chef Nobu started out with a small sushi spot in Beverly Hills called 'Matsuhisa' which quickly became popular in the area. So popular, that one day even the Robert De Niro stopped by for a munch. Robert loved it so much he persuaded Nobuyaki to go to New York with him to open a restaurant. That restaurant being the one we all enjoy today, 'Nobu'. 

The Big Apple was only the beginning for Nobuyaki. The brand has now expanded with many locations across the globe including Dubai, Cape Town, Miami, London and the list goes on. Nobu is also a hot one with the celebs and I can see why..



What did you order?

After having to narrow down my order list (because I'm not a baller like that and one person doesn't need that much food), I decided to go for the Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll (£14), Black Cod NY Style (£22.50)Chocolate Bento Box (£12.50) for dessert and a non-alcoholic (work won't catch me slippin') Calpis Heaven cocktail (£7).

Moment of silence for the crab sushi... The BEST sushi I've had in a while, I could've easily ordered two more plates. I just loved that piece of crab in the middle lol, but to be honest you can't go wrong with sushi, can you? The black cod was my least favourite part of the meal. It was just...a piece of fish on a leaf. I also heard the cod is Nobu's signature dish which is why I was a bit disappointed. However, that ensemble in the middle of the plate was lit. I couldn't tell you what it was though.

If you know me, you know I love a bit of dessert after dinner, and that bento box was it. The green tea ice cream literally tasted like green tea that I didn't even feel guilty for having it. The chocolate fondant was okay, not too sweet and sickly. Saying that, it could have tasted a bit more like chocolate.



"The Caplis Heaven was literally that...Heaven!"

The service?

The staff were good. I stupidly ended up at the wrong location and they assisted me by calling the other Nobu to tell them I was en route. They also informed my date too. Oops. I didn't once feel rushed or feel like they were taking their time, you know, everything was timed just right. I like that.

What will you order next time?

I think I'd try the Black Cod Miso as I do believe this is the signature cod and not the leafy ting I tried. 

Other types of sushi. 

Food for thought?...

I didn't get that comfortable, restaurant-y feeling I usually get when dining out. Even though we had a table at the window with a decent view, the room itself just felt so cold, the decor was mediocre, there was no ambience and everything felt meh.


Food 7/10

Service 7/10

Ambience 5/10


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The Bamb x 

Sprinkles of Joy!

Sprinkles of Joy!