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“Pink Paradise...”

Soho, London.

Modern European Gastro-Brasserie



We couldn’t make it for afternoon tea, so opted for dinner instead. I must say the decor is toooo cute! The place is literally ART. All pink everything! It’s a bloggers/photographer’s dream. From the entrance to the toilet, every bit is Instagrammable. 


Sketch is a modern French restaurant with four rooms that serve food and a bar; The Gallery, The Lecture Room & Library, The Parlour, The Glade & The East Bar. The Gallery (the all pink everythang room) is where I had dinner.


What did you order?

After taking about 5 hours to look at the menu (indecisive AF), I finally decided to go with the  wild sea bass which was poached in a scented butter, leek & cockles fondue (£30) and French fries (£5). The sea bass was served at a luke warm temperature, not sure if that was on purpose, but I wasn't feeling it tbh but I hate to be that overly fussy customer! The fondue was definitely a new taste for me but something I could get used to. It reminded me of a greens smoothie. It had a gritty like texture and tasted somewhat "healthy". 

 As the mains were small, it meant I had space left over for dessert, GET IN! The 'Mervielle' (don't ask me how it's pronounced) tickled my fancy. In short, it's a matcha green tea sponge cake with pistachio ice cream (£9). It was buff.



The Service? 

Overall the service was pretty good, a warm welcome from the doormen who directed me inside (as it's easy to walk into the wrong room lol) and the bubbly ladies at reception who saw to it that my table was ready and I was seated right away. However, I must say, the wait staff were kinda slow. Like, whyyyy is it taking so long to bring the card reader ma'am?!

What will you order next time? 

If I do go back, I'd love to try their afternoon tea!


Food 7/10

Service 7/10

Ambience 9/10


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Flat Iron.

Flat Iron.