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“Catch me if you can...”

Downtown LA, California.




Catch LA is one of the many chains they have across the globe, that specialises in Seafood merged with Asian influence. They have, what I like to call a "pick & mix" service, where many dishes are ordered and shared amongst the table. So you really get a taste of everything.

It is situated on a rooftop in the perfect location for the best views of Downtown LA. The ambience of the open-air restaurant is just breathtaking. 



What did you order? 

We decided we'd both get different dishes to share between us, I got the Wagyu short rib tacos ($19), Spiced Cashew Sweet Potatoes ($13) & an East Coast Cali cocktail ($17). The tacos were mini but you get 4 which is more than enough. Pulled pork in a folded tortilla with a hint of pineapple? Not bad. I had to literally force myself to stop eating the sweet potatoes (I needed to take pics after lol). They were that perfect crispiness and that kale and seasoning they put on top? Beautiful. The lobster mac & cheese and truffle fries I pinched from my friend's plate, were also on point. I totally get why you're meant to share though, the portions were big. 

When ordering drinks, the waitress asked if I liked spicy food? Confused, I said yes and she recommended the East Coast Cali cocktail. This drink is jalapeño "infused" (please, they should've just called it the 'pepper sauce' drink) with the strongest liquor mixed in. I was feeling it halfway through and it's not because I'm a lightweight!

The Service?

Amazinggg. I know quite a few celebs dine there, but not once did I feel looked down upon. We were welcomed by everyone one we saw and were seated quite swiftly. The waitress assigned to us was so good. She was so bubbly and energetic, but not the annoying OTT kind. She asked what kind of things we liked and gave us great recommendations. It's like she knew the menu and all the ingredients off head! 

What will you order next order?

Bitch, I'm getting the sushi, more specifically the Catch Roll, the Crispy Chicken Bao Balls, the Spiced Cashew Sweet Potatoes (again), the Lobster Mac & Cheese (yes again!) and the "Hit Me" Chocolate Cake. 

Don't judge me. 


Food 8/10

Service 8/10

Ambience 10/10


Going to LA and want to try Catch? Book your next table here.


The Bamb x