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Things I hate about the gym.

Things I hate about the gym.


Okay, let's go. 

1) I only go to the gym for about 1-2hrs yet so many things happen that annoy me lol. I know you shouldn't go there to watch people, but I cant help but notice these things! Notice that people are watching me, for instance. Like, what do you want?! Making me lose concentration and shit. Now I know someone's watching me, I've lost count of my reps, I'm doing the exercise wrong, my form's all off! DKJHVZBFVB!

2) Men.

3) And you people who walk around the gym aimlessly, why did you come? Up and down, up and down you'll be doing, sorry what machine did you lose please?! You lost hun? What is it you are looking for? Is a workout going to be completed today or?? 

4) I'm sorry but I hope the gym is suspending the accounts of those who leave their equipment lying around. Some of you be acting like you have a maid that's gonna clear up after you. My friend, put your shit away!

5) "How many sets you got left?" "Ah yh, just started you know", WHYYYY are you lying? I've just seen you do like 3 sets in the corner of my eye. Just hurry up innit.



6) The journey there.

7) I do wonder how much the gym staff earn. I don't mean to be nosey but the way some of these man move they must own it. They have to. Or have shares at least. Some of them move like their shit don't stink. 


Okay, i'm out. *Drops mic*

Let's Talk: Body Image.

Let's Talk: Body Image.

My 5 favourite exercises.

My 5 favourite exercises.