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My 5 favourite exercises.

My 5 favourite exercises.

Here are 5 of my favourite exercises I like to incorporate in my workouts!

1) Candlestick Tippers

Targets: Love handles! 

This simple move doesn't even feel like much, but trust me you'll be feeling it the next day. You can do these at the end of your workout as a cool down too. 


2) Treadmill Sprints 

Targets: Body fat and overall cardio.

Treadmill sprints are one thing I absolutely love to get rid of fat. Sprinting in intervals going the fastest you can (30 secs on, 30 secs off), to get the heart rate up and resting for a short period of time to give the heart a real workout. It's so effective you don't even need to do it for too long, 7-10 mins is enough.


3) Boxing Jabs 

Targets: Arms and cardio.

Boxing is always a good exercise to add to your workout. If you don't want to spend ages on the treadmill, put some gloves on and get sweating! 


4) Inner Thigh Ball Squeezes

Targets: Inner thighs.

This move is great for toning the inner thighs and also targeting the muscles you don't necessarily always use. I love doing these during my workouts as I see it as a mini break when lying down on my back.


5) Glute Bridges

Targets: The assssss!

Glute bridges are one of the exercises that really make you feel it the next morning! That squeeze at the top of the bridge pumps that a$$ up! Out of all the leg bum exercises I do, I get the best results from this.




Things I hate about the gym.

Things I hate about the gym.

My Gym Wishlist.

My Gym Wishlist.